Goin Guerrilla, Twitchy Dolphin Flix’ seventh feature film production follows Jeff, a successful screenwriter who, after suffering from a stomach bug and discovering his movie in the $5 dollar bin, tries to find meaning in his life.  All Jeff wants to do was make his own movie.  But when he refused to make another college sex romp and instead tried to write something with any kind of depth, he inadvertently declared war on the whole industry.  Now he faces losing his career, the girl he loves and his sense of self as he tries to pull his movie together.  Back against the wall, he charges into the unknown world of indie film armed with some gear, a script and a rag-tag film team, on a mission to go guerrilla.


Stephanie Dunbar and Philip Emmanuel on the set of GOIN’ GUERRILLA.
Photo by Carlo Rodriguez


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